Newtrace’s line of electrolyzers is based on a revolutionary new technology offering green hydrogen production at up to 3x lower capex costs. These systems are modular and scalable making them suitable for various applications.

Innovative technology

Our electrolyzer is based on a patent-pending precision fluid engineering design for gas separation which allows us to obtain ultrapure hydrogen with minimal processing.

Capex Reduction

Our innovative electrolyzer technology leads to a 70% reduction in the number of core components with zero usage of rare earth metals. This also leads to a 30% reduction in manufacturing cost.

Optimised overall system design

Our technology allows for the use of less expensive auxiliary components such as power supply, water supply etc. due to the lower sensitivity to power conditioning and water quality.

Improved electrocatalyst

We use an abundant earth metal-based electrocatalyst which allows us to achieve performance close to that of PEM electrolyzers at or below the cost of an alkaline electrolyzer system.

Electrolyzer management system

We offer a full suite of control and analysis software tools to manage and run electrolyzer systems.

Modular and scalable

We use alternative manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing with designs which are created for automated manufacturing. This allows us to rapidly scale up our systems to mass production levels.


Newtrace’s innovative systems are modular and scalable which makes them suitable for various applications, from small-scale hydrogen usage to large-scale renewable energy storage and for use as a chemical feedstock.


Finest engineering


Less expensive auxiliary components


Rapid scalability for mass production.

The path to a better future begins here

Green hydrogen does not result in any emissions and hence can result in a large reduction in overall industrial CO2-e emissions. As various industries move to more sustainable sources of energy, green hydrogen will play a very important role in making this a reality.

Efficient Hydrogen

Offering a proven and scalable alternate energy for an emission-free and easily replicable experience.

Cost-effective Production

Designing products for ease of adoption and affordability to enable global accessibility.

Superior Technology

Developing new technologies that offer sustainable methods for producing Green hydrogen
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System Management Software

Our electrolyzer management system optimizes performance by monitoring in real-time, preventing downtimes with predictive analytics, and integrating with energy sources to optimize hydrogen production and efficiency.

Key Specifications

Nominal current density

0.2-1 A/cm2

H2 Purity

99.9%- 99.999%

Voltage range

1.4-2.5 V

Electrical efficiency (stack)

46-66 kWh/kg H2

Operating temperature

50-80 ℃


>50k hours

Cell pressure

<10 bar

Stack unit size

10 kW

Load Range


Electrode area

<300 cm2

Voltage efficiency (LHV)

50-70 %

Capital Costs

<1k USD/kW

Cold Start (to nominal load)

<10 minutes

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