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Our global team of diverse and dynamic experts work to piece our energy puzzles together enabling us to fall into step as we trace the path to a better future. Investing knowledge, skill and time, we are passionate about leading the world to change.
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How we build
our team

At our innovative and tech-focused company, we seek out a team that is highly passionate and knowledgeable about the latest advancements in their respective fields. They must possess adaptability, creativity, and an innate ability to solve complex problems.
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#23, 1st Cross, 2nd Main Road, Doddanekundi Industrial Area 2, Phase 1, Bangalore - 560048, KA, India.

Opportunities to work at Newtrace

Come be a part of the solution and get a chance to work on technology that provides accessible green hydrogen electrolyzers for all

Benefits of
  Green Hydrogen

We are fostering a hydrogen economy to eliminate emissions while fueling everything you consume. From vehicles, to buildings, to airplanes, to food industries, hydrogen can power the world.

Carbon Free

Renewable hydrogen doesn’t emit polluting gases and offers a zero-emission alternative to fossil fuels.

Produced Locally

India and Middle East's high solar potential and Europe with it's abundant source of renewable electricity in offshore wind, make it ideal for large-scale deployment of renewable hydrogen production.

Numerous Applications

There are at least three immediate uses of green hydrogen in the short term: to replace all uses of fossil-based hydrogen with renewable hydrogen; to use it in fuel cells in medium to heavy-duty land transport; and to use it in aviation and shipping via, using e-fuels based on renewable hydrogen.

Our Sustainablity Goals


The most crucial thing is that this process is powered entirely by renewable energy


It is produced by splitting water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen. This means that no CO2 is created during production.

Technological Innovation

Always moving ahead to achieve an optimized and better functioning system for a sustainable and balanced life.

Aligning with UNSDGs

We believe that access to affordable and clean energy is a fundamental human right and are committed to using our electrolyser technology to revolutionize the way energy is generated, stored, and distributed, making it accessible globally.

Good health and wellbeing

Reduction in carbon emissions due to use of green hydrogen will also reduce pollution and improve quality of life for everyone

Affordable and Clean Energy

Newtrace’s goal of providing green hydrogen at an affordable cost will allow us to help clean energy be available to a large section of the population

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Newtrace’s goal of providing green hydrogen at an affordable cost will allow us to help clean energy be available to a large section of the population

Sustainable cities and communities

Our goal is to ensure energy security for all in order to create sustainable communities

Climate Action

Newtrace is at the forefront of fighting climate change with a breakthrough technology which can be responsible for offsetting a huge amount of CO2 emissions

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