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Explore the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible electrolysis solution in the world that solves the fuel problem forever. Our high-performing hydrogen generator set new standards in the energy industry by producing green hydrogen in a zero-carbon process.

Innovative technology

Our electrolyzer is based on a patent-pending precision fluid engineering design for gas separation which allows us to obtain ultrapure hydrogen with minimal processing.

Capex reduction

Our innovative electrolyzer technology leads to a 70% reduction in the number of core components with zero usage of rare earth metals and a 30% reduction in manufacturing cost.

Improved electrocatalyst

We use abundant earth metal-based electrocatalysts which allows us to achieve performance close to that of PEM electrolyzers at or below the cost of an alkaline electrolyzer.
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H2 Electrolyzers


Best of engineering for a better tomorrow.


Best of engineering for a better tomorrow.


Software application powering the system

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The most crucial thing is that this process is powered entirely by renewable energy


It is produced by splitting water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen. This means that no CO2 is created during production.
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Industries and Green Hydrogen

"Newtrace's green hydrogen can reduce up to 360 Mt of CO2 emissions in refineries by replacing traditional hydrogen used for crude oil desulfurization.
Newtrace's green hydrogen helps the chemical industry offset 441 Mt of CO2 emissions in the production of ammonia and methanol.
Green hydrogen offsets CO2 emissions and leads to energy security in the Steel and Cement industries by producing hydrogen on-site instead of burning coke.
Green hydrogen is the best option for long-term energy storage, converting excess renewable energy into hydrogen for use during periods of low renewable generation.
Converting long-haul transport such as freight, shipping and aviation to green hydrogen fuel cells or engines can significantly reduce global CO2 emissions by addressing 52% of transportation emissions.

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At Newtrace, we are determined and relentless in our pursuit of excellence to develop commercially viable and scalable green hydrogen technology. Join us and work on innovations that deliver impact by enabling a more responsible and sustainable de-carbonized future.


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