Green Hydrogen at $1/kg

Electrolyzers which are
5x cheaper
and can
scale massively
to meet global demand


Cost competitive

Redesigned from scratch to eliminate the use of expensive materials

Scales massively

Use of a proprietary design, 3D printing and autonomous manufacturing allows scaling to GW production

Scales faster

“Divide & conquer” approach of building up modular reactors that can be scaled in months instead of decades

Zero emission

Produces H2 by splitting water using renewable electricity which is safe, efficient & has no harmful emissions


Energy management system to execute demand prediction, effective hydrogen production and predictive analytics

Prasanta Sarkar

Prasanta has a PhD in Fluid mechanics and energy engineering with a background in aerospace engineering. Enjoys hiking and black coffee.

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Rochan Sinha

Rochan has a PhD in Applied physics and experience in the development of novel materials for hydrogen generation.

He is an avid photographer and loves to travel.

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